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                  Alkborough Primary School Uniform

Uniform is an essential element of Alkborough Primaty School, and we ask, particularly when choosing uniform for the new school year, that parents respect the school's uniform policy and ensure children are correctly dressed. 

We pride ourselves in the fact that we have a very smart but practical school uniform and
would like to clarify the uniform which consists of:

  • Grey or black school trousers or skirt (or tailored shorts in summer).
  • Grey pinafore/navy gingham dress or grey tailored shorts
  • White school polo shirt/shirt
  • Navy school jumper/cardigan/fleece
  • Black school shoes.

Clothing for PE

  • A white t-shirt 
  • A navy blue sweat shirt
  • Black shorts for indoor PE and black jogging bottoms for outdoor PE
  • Trainers/plimsolls

Logo Items
Polo shirts and sweatshirts with the school logo are available from Shah's on West Street, Scunthorpe but are not a requirement .
Clothing Grant 

To see whether you are eligible for a clothing grant from the Local Authority please click here:

Clothing Grant

Please click here to view our full Uniform Policy
If you have any queries or questions about uniform please contact the office- 01724720301.

☀️ Sunshine & Suncream ☀️

As parents, you should always be prepared for the likelihood of sunny weather. To prepare for this we advise that you should provide your child with:
Hats which cover the head and neck (these can be brought into school to wear during playtimes and during PE sessions).
Sunglasses for sensitive eyes.
Parents should apply high protection sun cream, preferable no lower than SPF 25 before school.
Provide your child with a water bottle. Children are encouraged to drink plenty of water which is always available in school.

When conditions are very hot, children will not be outside for prolonged periods, e.g. the whole of playtime or lunchtime. They will be encouraged to seek shady places to sit if the sun is very bright and hot.

Please apply any sun creams before the start of the school day. Unfortunately, staff cannot apply sun creams to your child.

You are welcome to send sun cream to school with your child for them to re-apply as long as they can do this themselves.

You are also welcome to come into school during the day and re-apply sun creams if necessary.