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Awards and Achievements
Star of the term
Every term we hold a Special Awards Assembly.

Children from each class are selected by their class teacher to recieve a certificate for their outstanding work and achievements during that term. 

This is for outstanding attitidue, and outstanding behaviour through out the term. 

Parents of the selected Star's of the term are also invited to our special awards assembly so that it is a wonderful surprise when the childen get their award and sees them there. 

This is such a great acheievement and we are so proud of our star's of the term!

⭐Star of the week ⭐
Each week children from each class are chosen by their teacher to be Star of the week. 

This can be for many different reasons such as; good behaviour; an excellent piece of work; understanding something tricky; kindness and lots more. 

The children are very proud when they get star of the week, and so are we!


⭐Star reader ⭐
Every week each class teacher will choose a ‘Star Reader’.

This award may be given for: the most reads completed in a week, progress made, widest variety of genres read, reading in different places or increased amount of reads etc.

As well as this, each week the children’s reading diaries will be checked to see how many reads they have completed for that week. As reading is such a fundamental part of our children’s learning journey we are seeking to encourage our children to read as much as possible to build up their reading miles.

Each child who completes 3 reads or more will receive a raffle ticket(s) which will be placed into the classroom reading pot. At the end of each half term a raffle ticket will be drawn and the winners will receive a prize!

Happy reading!📖