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The History of Alkborough and Walcot

Our school is situated in the area of Alkborough and Walcot   which is a 2800 acre site in the north west corner of old Lincolnshire, consisting of two settlements dating back to Saxon times. It may surprise some people to know that part of the Alkborough parish boundary is in the middle of the rivers Humber and Trent and the spelling of Alkborough in the Doomsday Book was Alchebarge. 

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Alkborough is also home to Alkborough Maze, more commonly referred to as Julian’s Bower. One of only eight remaining turf mazes in the UK, the maze is a scheduled ancient monument. Its presence was first recorded in 1697 and its origins are thought to be medieval or roman. In the absence of tangible evidence, many theories exist regarding who first cut the maze.


Alkborough was also home to quite a few small farmers, who often carried on another trade, such as weaver, tailor or shoemaker to make ends meet, as the amount of land they had was small and scattered all over the parish. Change was slow to come to the village until the 1960’s when the village, at long last, went onto main sewerage.

(The Alkborough Maze - Julian’s Bower)


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The population has remained very stable too. At the first census in 1801, there were 345 people but by 1861 the population had risen to 497 living in 99 houses. By 1985 there were 185 inhabited houses but only 469 people.


Our School

Alkborough School was built in 1874 and has now served the village and surrounding areas for 148 years.  Extensive rebuilding took place in the year 2000 and whilst retaining our village school characteristics we now have one of the most attractive, purpose built buildings in the country. In 2014 we had a new extension built onto our school. 

More recently, we have developed the front part of the school into an outdoor play area for our Foundation Stage pupils.

There are attractive gardens at the front of the school adjoining the playground area, whilst at the rear there is an area which is sometimes used for nature study, but mostly acts as our ‘conservation area’.  There is also a large sports field behind the nature study area and this is regularly used for school sports and similar activities.

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