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Safeguarding and Child Protection 

Alkborough Primary School is fully committed to  the safeguarding of our pupils - ensuring the well being of the children is paramount. For pupils to feel that they are able to do their best and achieve their true potential, it is important that they feel safe and supported in our school environment.

Everyone working within our school, whatever their role, is acutely aware that issues to do with the protection of children are of the highest possible importance.

In relation to safeguarding, Alkborough Primary School aims to ‘prevent’, ‘protect’ and ‘support’ all its pupils by addressing child protection in the curriculum, pastoral activities and in the management of the school, and by empowering and enabling staff to be vigilant for vulnerable students through regular, on-going training and the dissemination of information. We also involve our pupils in regular assemblies with visiting agencies and workshops which will enable them to stay safe online, in school and at home. 

The school’s Safeguarding Policy can be found using the following links:


Should you have any concerns, the Safeguarding Officers are:


Miss J Ashton- Designated Safeguarding Lead

A copy of our Safeguarding Lead's job description can be found here