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Alkborough Primary School

SEN Parent/Carer Voice

 Recent Comments:

'I am happy with new targets, they are achievable and he is well supported towards meeting them'.

Mum of Y6 SEND pupil



'I am really impressed with what has been put in place on this profile and how it matches him and his individual needs'.



'I am happy with everything and feel my son is happy too'. 

Parents of Y5 SEND pupil


'There has been a massive improvement in my child since he started APS. School and I have a good relationship and communicate well with each other'.  

Parent of Y4 SEND pupil


'We are both happy about school supporting our child and how highly we regard them. How much he has developed in the time he has been at school.  The Staff are fantastic and we can't praise them enough.  It feels like he goes to a private school'.   

Parents of Y4 SEND pupil


'My son is making progress and I am aware of his difficulties with gross motor skills.  His behaviour has calmed and I have seen progress with his speech too'. 

'I am surprised with how far he has come on and how he is developing his empathy'. 

Parent of Reception SEND pupil


'I am really happy with the improvements that my child  has shown so far and I am positive for the future'.

Parent of Y4 SEND pupil


'I am pleased with everything and all the hard work that is being put into educating and supporting my child'.  

Parent of Y4 SEND pupil