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Parent Voice

Parent voice is extremely important here at Alkborough Primary School. We provide the avenues for parents to have a voice that counts, a voice that is heard and a voice that runs alongside our ethos that:
'everyone is welcome, everyone is included'.

Feedback from a parent, (November 2019):

We just wanted to express how happy we both were as parents yesterday whilst attending parents evening.

 'We are very happy and proud of our children's development and progression and the level of work which they are both achieving. However, what really stood out for us was how well the teachers know our children. It is so reassuring and heart warming to hear personal and humorous references to how they have presented in class and the fact their enthusiasm and passion for learning is appreciated and supported.'


'Speak so highly of all their teachers they cannot wait to be there every day. This is the best indication that the children love learning and that is down to the staff inspiring, motivating and challenging them to learn and achieve.'

 'I also want to mention how well both children’s emotional needs have been supported '

'Yet again we are proud and happy that our children are part of such a fantastic school where they are encouraged and appreciated for being themselves.'


Feedback from a parent, (September 2019):
'settled back into the new school year very quickly and is very enthusiastic.'
'really enjoying the new dyslexic friendly books.  The content of the stories is much more appealing and is really enjoying reading them. '
'even re read pages from the school day to show me why the next bit of the book made him gasp and say “oh no” - he had just read about a swarm of Buzzels and remembered they were only dangerous as a swarm.'
'very much enjoying  interventions and I’m already noticing the fluency in reading improving.'
Feedback from our recent Maths workshop (February 2019):
'The Maths workshop was very useful and informative. It was reassuring that we are encouraging some of the right methods and also now understand other methods which will be helpful when assisting with homework. Thank you for putting on this session, I like it that parents get to experience to some degree how their children are taught and are welcome within the environment that they learn and grow!'