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Alkborough Primary School

                                                Class 3                                              

Welcome to year 5 and 6 

 Class 3 teachers

   Miss C Cowling and Mrs L Lee 

Our great handwriting


Viking inspired pancakes
culinary creations of Class 3! 

This term, Class 3 have travelled back in time to Ancient Greece to learn about the legacies they left behind and the impact on our lives today. This has included becoming archaeologists for the day and debating which legacy had the most  profound effect on our lives today. Fast forward into the technical age and we have learnt coding skills (interestingly, this has links right back to Ancient Greece through algorithms) as well as learning yoga techniques to improve our well being. 

7 / 7
Class 3 did some fabulous work on Viking crafts and the power struggle for Britain.

Art and Design
Class 3 pictures look stunning in the Church and they were greatly admired by everyone at the Easter service this morning.


Class 3 had a fun afternoon with Science Week Competition!

We have also studied the importance of the classification of living things and why this is so important for the conservation of habitats.


our Science lesson on the heart, we had some real lamb hearts to show the children the different elements.

Class 3 trip
a great trip! The children learnt all about artefacts and links between the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. The workshop leader even made a special trip back after the session to say the staff thought class 3 were all fantastic. Well done Class 3!