Kids Zone

Revision Bitesize
The Magic Key
Spell your way to victory.
Test your english skills with these revision resources.
Learn with your favourite
characters online.
Roald Dahl Website
The Riddler
Typing Exercise
You've read the books, now learn
more on the website.
Complete the riddles and see
how many you get correct.
Improve your typing skills by
completing each level.



Fraction Flags
Soccer Subtraction
Maths Revision Bitesize
Create the worlds countries flags
using fractions.
Get your sum right and score a goal
for your nation!
Use your maths knowledge to
construct a waterslide.
Animal See-Saw
Crazy Clock
Maths Mysteries
Make sure you weigh your animals correctly!
Test your memory ability to tell
the time correctly.
Solve various Maths mysteries.



Solar System Sim
Science Millionaire
Wonka Trivia
Control your very own solar system.
Use your science knowledge to win a million.
Test your knowledge in this invention trivia game.
Dental Time Warp
Pollen Park
Control your ants and build
an ant empire.
Learn all about how to keep
your mouth nice and healthy.
Learn how bees make their honey.



A step back in Time
Children of War 2
The Romans
Join Josie and Gleep in A step back
in time.
Let Vera show you the challenges of living in War Time Britain.
Learn all about the Roman Empire.
The Tudors - Joust.
Iron Age Celts
The Ango-Saxons
Become a brave knight in a tudor joust.
Dig deep into Celtic life.
Make your own Anglo-Saxon manuscripts, riddles and runes



The BBC have set up this great site to help you to stay safe online. There are videos, games and interactive activities to try!
BBC Chatguide
This site, from Disney, will help you to stay safe on the Internet.
The children's version of Ask. Very useful.
Use this site to search for pictures. It's much safer than Google Images, but remember that you still need to take care when searching for images online.
A great site to find photos to use in your school projects.
If  you need to do research about a topic, FactMonster is a good placeto try.