Welcome to

Alkborough Primary School

Class 1

When the wind stopped our plans, we made kites instead!


This term in science we are learning all about animals. Today the children worked in pairs to describe an animal for their partner to draw. We thought about the animal group it belonged to, where it lived, what it looked like and how it moved.


We had a brilliant first aid session. The children learnt how to shout for help if someone is injured, how to apply a plaster correctly, how to help someone who is bleeding, how to help someone with a head bump and what to do if someone was on the floor and we couldn’t wake them. The children also practiced calling 999.


In science we have been on a tree hunt in the school garden, looking for deciduous and evergreen trees.


The children will receive new spellings every Monday which will be tested the following Monday. We kindly request that you support your child in learning their weekly spellings by using the ‘look, say, cover, write, check’ method. This method involves your child looking at the word, saying it out loud, covering the word, attempting to spell the word, then uncovering the word to check what they have written is correct. Please could we request you use one page per week in the practise book, however, additional practise on other note paper is welcome.

Your child will be heard read at school each week; we kindly request your support to hear your child read a minimum of three times a week at home in addition to this. Please indicate in their reading diary when this has happened.

Maths and SPAG homework will be set on alternate Fridays (one Friday it will be maths, the following Friday it will be SPAG) and will be collected in on the following Wednesday. Your child will receive a Maths workbook and a SPAG workbook which will have the task highlighted and dated for your reference. The task will be closely linked to the learning which has taken place in the classroom that week as consolidation.