Alkborough Primary School


Our Governing Body:

Chair of Governors

Mr C.Dent


Vice Chair:

Ms C.Browne


Mr J.Niland

Mrs A.Hinsley

Mrs K.Webb 

Mrs R James

Mrs R Marston

Mrs G Johnson

Mrs J Coulthurst

Mrs M.Garlick 


Governor Responsibilities:

Governor  Responsibilities 
Mrs C Browne  English 
Mr C Dent  Maths/ICT/Appraiser/Data Protection/Safeguarding
Mr J Niland  Science/Art/DT /Appraiser
Mrs M Garlick RSE/Appraiser/Music/PSHCE/Childhood Resilience  
Mrs R James RE/French/PE 
Mrs J Coulthurst
Mrs G Johnson

Our Governing Body also has two Committee's:

Resources Committee

Chair: Mrs C Browne

Clerk: Mrs Hinsley  

School Development Committee

Chair: Mrs M Garlick 

Clerk: Mrs A Hinsley 


Our Governors: Schedule of meetings

Our Governor handbook: Handbook for Governors

Our Governor Register of Interests can be found here